Review of Moon Music by Faye Kellerman

In the bleak wasteland of the Nevada desert, not far from the sparkling, twenty-four-hour neon of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, the body of a once-beautiful showgirl is discovered, horribly mauled and mutilated. It is a horrendous crime, shocking in its brutality, excessive even for a city celebrated for its excess.

Seasoned police veteran and Vegas native Detective Sergeant Romulus Poe has seen his fair share of depravity in this mecca of glitz and vice. But there is something about this unfortunate young woman’s death—and a similar murder that is to follow soon after—that harkens back to an unsolved slaying and so-called suicide a quarter century ago. The grim similarities—along with some frightening new possibilities—are leading Poe into a night world of dark shadows best left unilluminated and pulling the inquisitive policeman toward secrets from a strange and sordid past that could destroy those closest to him, and drag him over the edge.


Moon Music by Faye Kellerman is an intense story that was not what I initially expected when I began reading. The way Faye Kellerman describes Las Vegas with such strong words made me feel as if I was there. Moon Music begins at a good pace which quickly kicks into high gear. The characters were very well developed and intriguing because each of them had flaws which is what made them so real to me. Midway through Moon Music when I thought I had figured out what was going to happen, Faye Kellerman went and completely changed directions. This was an extremely smart move because everything I previously believed was tossed out and in order to know who the villain was I had to continue reading.


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