Interview with Marci Lyn Curtis, author of The One Thing

1. Can you tell us a little about your book? TOT final cover (2)

In a nutshell, The One Thing is about a blind juvenile delinquent who discovers the truth about a cherished friend. There’s more to it, naturally, like romance. And, oh—shattered friendships. Soccer. Cupcakes. (Yes, cupcakes. Don’t judge. I have priorities.) Sarcasm. Music. The ocean. Probation officers. Etcetera.

2. Is it a standalone book or part of a series?

It’s a standalone, although there’s been sort of a public outcry for a companion novel that features a certain unmentionable character. And you know what? I’m really, really considering it.

3. Are you writing your next book?

I am! It’s about an orphan pickpocket forced to live with the uncle who betrayed her family. It’s a twisty little story, a tough one to nail down, so it’s been a slow process.

4. Are you a plotter or more of a free writer?

Ah. Well. Here’s my process: the story sits in my head for like eighteen months, during which I take hundreds of notes on random bits of paper, the backs of envelopes, and grocery-store receipts, stacking them up until they reach…oh, say, a foot high, and then I spread them all over the kitchen table and start writing.

What? That’s not normal?

5. Do you listen to music when writing or do you need silence?

I need a revolting amount of silence. Like, my silence even needs silence.

6. Who was the inspiration for your main character?

I wish I could point to one person who really inspired my main character. Truth is, she (and her story) just sort of tumbled into my head one day, completely out of the blue. I tried to ignore her for a year or so, during which she just got louder and louder and LOUDER. Finally I gave up and started making notes, just for myself, really, to get her story out of my head. I used these notes to bang out a draft—again, just to clear my brain. After I was finished, I was like, Hum…I sort of like this, so gave it to a few trusted people to read. They were extremely enthusiastic, so I buffed it up a little and started querying agents. I haven’t looked back since.



Marci Lyn Curtis grew up in Northern California, where she went to college and met an amazing guy in a military uniform. Two college-aged kids and one dachshund later, she lives in Maryland, where she laughs too loudly and eats peanut butter off spoons. Her YA contemporary debut, The One Thing, releases September 8th, 2015, via Disney-Hyperion. (Website)



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