Interview with Anne Boles Levy, author of The Temple Of Doubt

1. Can you tell us a little about your book? Temple of Doubt 9781632204271

The Temple of Doubt is about a teenage girl from a very traditional, religious society who begins to suspect something isn’t right about the god they all worship. Hadara has a natural aversion to the priest’s magic, and prefers being out in nature with her mother. But she’s forced to confront her beliefs – and disbelief – after a falling star brings an unwelcome visitor the priests believe is a demon.

2. Who is the inspiration behind your main characters?

Hadara is a mash-up of several bright young women I knew growing up, but she gets to say all the things I wish I’d been bold enough to voice when young. The mage S’ami is based on my father, though Dad was never blithely murderous!

3. Are you more a plotter or do you write whatever pops into your head?

I’m a plotter. I plot and replot and re-re-re-replot until it’s all just right. And then my writing group won’t like something and I have to change the scene out anyway. But I know where all four books in the series are going, at least.

4. Do you listen to music while writing or do you need silence?

I used to listen to a lot of World Beat music from all over when I did a first draft, many years ago. Now, I write in total silence because it’s usually after my kids are asleep.

5. Are your book(s) part of a series or are they standalone novels?

This is the first book in a four-part series that will have Hadara drawn further and further into the conflict between her god and his many enemies.

6. Are you currently working on a new book?

I’ve written book 2 and it’s in production, but book 3 is only a handful of chapters so far, and book 4 is just a bare-bones outline.


 Anne Boles Levy has lived in eight states, forcing her to make up settings for her fantasy novels since she can’t remember what any real place looks like. She currently teaches English to middle schoolers after more than two decades writing and editing for print, web, and radio. Anne is a graduate of Smith College and studied abroad at University College London, and has her master’s in journalism from Columbia University. She’s also an amateur silversmith and the absent-minded wife to her long-suffering husband, two children, and a cat in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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