Interview with C.V. Dreesman, author of Cursefell

1. Can you tell us a little about your book? Is it your debut novel? 24966824

Cursefell is the story of teenaged Thera Currey. Still grieving the death of her father, Thera is savagely attacked during a boating accident by what can only be described as a sea creature. Forced to face a secret following the attack, she discovers the truth to a family curse she did not even know she carries and must balance the scales of who she is versus what she will become and life against love.
The novel blends notes of young adult paranormal fantasy set in a modern world with mythology. Cursefell has been called “one of the most original, unique stories I’ve ever read” and “this book is pretty much level pegging with [the Percy Jackson books]”. Cursefell is my second novel.

2. Are you a plotter or a free writer?

I would have to say a free writer overall. I know a few plot points, or at least I think I know, when I start writing. Sometimes the characters have other ideas about where the story goes and the story changes in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I began. This was the case with Cursefell. Some of the characters had much smaller roles in my head and even a different story line when I began and would show up in a scene and wouldn’t listen to the way I wanted them to go, writing their own story in essence. They can be stubborn and raise their voices even more so in the sequels.

3. Is your book part of a series or a standalone?

Cursefell is the first book in my new YA Paranormal Fantasy series.

4. Do you require silence when writing or do you listen to music?

I like to listen to music when I write. The flow of the notes, the pacing, and the harmonious blend of distinct instruments mirror writing and can augment the creative process. My book has been described by some reviewers as having a poetical description drawing on the romanticism of the story instead of straight prose, and that comes from (among other things) the feel and flow of music. I’ll listen to anything from classical to soundtracks to contemporary. I definitely have playlists I listen to depending on what the scenes I’m writing are for that day. For Cursefell, there were many hours spent listening to Once Upon A Time, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Divergent, Hunger Games, and

5. Are you writing your next book? Can you share a little about it?

Yes, I am currently editing and writing the next two books in the series. It will continue to peel away the mysteries surrounding Thera and the curse that flows within her and the secrets those around her harbor. I could share a little more, but that might ruin the journey the readers take and the exciting new discoveries to be made within the pages of the new books.

6. How long were you writing before getting a publishing contract?

That is a hard question to answer. I have written stories since about twelve years old. Some were published, some were just for my friends and teachers. Life sometimes takes you on a different path and I stopped for awhile as well, although I never lost the passion for writing nor the random story thoughts that would pop up even during my downtime. The important thing was I was always a writer in my heart, so never really stopped imagining and dreaming. After rededicating my time and focus to writing, I published some award winning stories. My first contract followed that and was several years ago for my first novel, The Marksmith: The Tear of Ahl.

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C.V. Dreesman’s interest in storytelling began with reading The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien (doesn’t it always) and marathon weekend sessions of role playing and King Arthur’s pizza with the same core group of friends. He went on to DM at GenCon when it was still held in Wisconsin and TSR was a big name (bonus points if you know what that means without Googling it). A new novel was being proposed there (Dragonlance), which inspired him to start writing his own stories just for fun.

At the urging of his teacher, C.V. started writing stories for extra credit because, lets face it, his grades were good but his attendance not so much. Over the years he published short works in various publications and anthologies, winning an award here or there along the way.

C.V. worked as a Private Investigator, a front office manager for a professional baseball team, and a member of a helicopter flight crew as he wrote and developed the idea of a series of full length novels.

C.V. is married to his sun, his moon, his starlit sky and has a son that he could be prouder of the man he has become (and that put up with C.V.’s endless movie references). He has been lucky to have parents and siblings that believed in and are there for him, even when they squabble (don’t worry guys, he’s not naming names here!)


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