1. Can you tell us a little about your debut novel?COVER (1)

My contemporary upper YA debut, THE HEIR AND THE SPARE, follows American Evie Gray as she embarks on a quest to Oxford and throughout England, trying to discover the true identity of her deceased mother. On her journey Evie uncovers her mother’s secret, a long lost family member, a strength she never knew she had, and a love she never expected. I like to think of it as a modern day fairytale and I’m so excited to share Evie and Edmund with readers. THE HEIR AND THE SPARE is releasing in January 2016.
2. Is it a standalone book or part of a series?

At the moment it’s a standalone. I do have a second book in this same world written and am in the revising process right now, but it currently doesn’t have a home with a publisher. I also have an idea for one more book in the series after that bouncing around my brain.
3. Who inspired your main character?

Evie isn’t inspired by anyone in particular. She may have some traits and quirks from friends, family, and even a couple of mine woven into her, but really, she’s her own person. If she were based on one particular person I fear I’d lose the ability to let the characters guide me and their story.
4. Are you a plotter or do you just write whatever is in your head?

A little bit of both, I guess you could say. I start by doing a detailed outline, but it never fails, the characters end up deviating from it once I get going. Sometimes I’ll re-outline the new path it’s taking, but more often than not I just go with it and make sure I hit the major plot points that’ll get me to the end I’m envisioning in my mind.
5. Do you require silence when writing or do you need background noise?

It depends on my mood. There are some days where I’ll flip on the TV for some background noise. Other days I’ll have instrumental music playing. I do find it difficult to write to music with lyrics because I usually end up singing along, but I have done it, just not super successfully. Usually I opt for silence.
6. Are you writing your next book?

Yes. I’m currently working on a standalone young adult book.

Bio:EA Author Photo

Emily Albright has lived all over the United States, and is now settled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family. Emily has morphed her lifelong infatuation with the written word into scribbling down the stories that fill her brain. Her love of Jane Austen, L.M. Montgomery, and Louisa May Alcott help Emily create strong heroines and swoon worthy romances. Her debut novel THE HEIR AND THE SPARE is releasing from Merit Press in January 2016.

Twitter: @_EmilyAlbright_


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