Interview with Sarah Kettles, author of The Old Creek Bridge

Can you tell us a little about your book? Is it your debut novel?

THE OLD CREEK BRIDGE is my debut novel! It’s a YA Contemp about family, love and loss, the mistakes that are an inevitable part of being a young adult, and how you react when faced with all that. The main character is a working class teenage boy with a chip on his shoulder the size of South Carolina who’s eventually forced to chose between cultivating his anger and spending the rest of his life alone.
Are you a plotter or a free writer?
A bit of both, really. I generally begin with creating a very loose outline of major plotpoints – the things that NEED to happen for the story to BE the story – and then free write my way from point to point. Sometimes I wander too far from one point to get back to the next – that’s when I become more of a plotter, back-tracking to figure out where I went wrong and picking out smaller points I need to hit to make sure I don’t get too far off-track.

Is your book part of a series or a standalone?
Standalone! I never thought that my first book would be – everything I wrote before it was planned as a series, if not actually written as a series – but I’m actually glad it is. Debuting with a series seems like a lot of pressure!

Do you require silence when writing or do you listen to music?
I can listen to music, but only if it it doesn’t have words – otherwise I end up copying down the lyrics instead of actually writing! It’s a shame, because I love making playlists for each of my works-in-progress, but I can’t listen to them while I’m writing, just while I’m brainstorming. Generally, I end up writing in silence.
Are you writing your next book? Can you share a little about it?

I’m actually working on two books, but the one that’s most likely to be finished next is another standalone YA Contemp, LACY, DYING, which is about a girl whose best friend attempts suicide four days before Christmas Eve and her struggle to comprehend what happened and what will happen if Lacy actually dies. As you may be able to tell, I don’t do much in the way of bright-and-bubbly, but my characters are never (permanently) without hope!

When does your book release?
THE OLD CREEK BRIDGE debuts November 24, 2015!
BIOAuthor Photo (800x800)

Sarah Kettles is an American married to a Scot and living in Ireland, where she completed her MA in Creative Writing at University College Dublin in 2012. She’s been writing since she learned to read and playing with words since long before that. When she’s not working on her next book, she works as a freelance editor and illustrator. Online, you can find her at and @sfkettles on Twitter.

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