Interview with Valerie Tejeda, author of Hollywood Witch Hunter

Can you tell us a little about your book? Is it your debut novel? hollywood witch hunter 

Hollywood Witch Hunter is my debut novel and it’s about witches and witch hunters living in a magical secret world in Hollywood. The story follows a girl named Iris who is the first girl to carry the hunter gene. Having the hunter gene makes Iris faster and stronger than the average human and she is working overtime to protect humans from witches who are trying to sacrifice them to steal their youth. The story was pitched as kind of a “Buffy” meets The Mortal Instruments if that makes sense…
Hollywood Witch Hunter it’s full of diverse characters, and my main character Iris is actually Latina! So happy to see a Hispanic main character who is not a sidekick!
Are you a plotter or a free writer?
I am a little bit of both… At times I am more of a free writer and then witch certain chapters I sit down and really plot out what is going on. I think it depends on my mood and what I’m really going for, but I definitely take it by a chapter by chapter basis.
Is your book part of a series or a standalone?
I can’t really say too much about this right now but there’s definitely the possibility of the series and if you read the book with the ending I have, you’ll definitely know why 🙂
Do you require silence when writing or do you listen to music?

I definitely write with music! I think having music on the background is helps me get in the zone. Also, I am the oldest of six kids and grew up in a very noisy house, so I think silence scares me a bit! Ha! The more noise when I’m writing, the better!

Are you writing your next book? Can you share a little about it?
I am writing my next book but unfortunately I can’t say too much about it. What I can say is it is completely different from Hollywood Witch Hunter and it is a young adult novel. I’m really loving writing it because it is so different from what I’ve written before and I’m definitely having a blast getting into this new world!
How long were you writing before getting a publishing contract?

Well, I have been writing for most of my life but Hollywood Witch Hunter was the first book that I completed. Before that I was mostly just writing things for fun and I never thought in a million years I would ever get published! Still so surreal!

When does your book release?
My book is out now and the audiobook will be releasing September 29! Hooray!
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Bio: valerie
Valerie Tejeda is an entertainment journalist who spends her days reporting on books, television and all things pertaining to pop culture, and spends her nights writing novels for teens. Her stories have appeared on a variety of different publications, including: Vanity Fair, MTV, The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Latina, Yahoo! Shine, Cosmopolitan and more. “Hollywood Witch Hunter” is her debut novel.

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