Interview with Melissa Schorr, author of Identity Crisis

Can you tell us a little about your books?
My upcoming YA contemporary, IDENTITY CRISIS, is about three girls who “catfish” a classmate, Annalise, making up a fake online boyfriend to mess with her head. The stunnamedory is also told from the perspective of one of the girls, Noelle, who goes along with the scam but then begins to regret it. I’d heard about the “Catfishing” phenomenon and wanted to understand what would motivate someone to do that — and what it might feel like to be on the receiving end. My first book, GOY CRAZY, was basically the story of my life — a romantic comedy about a Jewish teen girl who falls for a Catholic boy, but is scared her parents won’t approve. (Up until I met, and ultimately married, a nice Jewish boy!)
How long have you been writing for?
As long as I can remember. I went down the more practical path of journalism school first, then wrote feature articles for newspapers, and stalked celebrities for People Magazine. But writing kid lit was always a fantasy. My first book spun out of an essay I wrote for GQ, which miraculously led to an agent, a book deal, a real Cinderella story. Then, the hard work set in, and it took me about ten years, and two more manuscripts to publish my second.
Do you have any upcoming releases?
Yes, IDENTITY CRISIS comes out from Merit Press in January. Fun fact: I was standing in the middle of Tom Sawyer Island in Disney World, when I found out that the book would be published. The best place in the world to find out such magical news.
When writing do you need silence or background noise like music?
I am a former musical theater geek, so when I need to channel pure adolescent angst, I like to listen to Broadway soundtracks like “13” or “Spring Awakening.” But when I really need to mentally visualize a scene without distractions, I’ll go and swim laps.
Are you a plotter or more of a free writer?
Always a plotter, I need to know where I am going. But, my favorite moment is when my characters surprise me with a plot twist I never saw coming. That’s when I know a book is really coming to life.
If you had the chance to meet any author (alive or deceased) who would it be and why?
I know this is such a cliche, but Judy Blume. What can I say? Her books defined my groovy ’70s childhood.
If any of your books were made into a movie who would you like to see cast in the lead roles? 
Well, my own tween daughter is a budding thespian, and she would kill me if I didn’t find a way to get her cast!
BIO: Melissa Schorr is the author of the interfaith romantic comedy GOY CRAZY and a contributor to the YA anthology DEAR BULLY. She is also a modern day matchmaker, setting up singles for the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine’s popular Dinner With Cupid column. She lives outside Boston with her husband, two daughters, and her feisty West Highland terrier Bailey. Her newest book, IDENTITY CRISIS, is releasing from Merit Press in January 2016.
Visit her at:
Twitter: @melissaschorr
Melissa Schorr
(JAN. 2016) and GOY CRAZY.
DEAR BULLY contributor.

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