Interview with Lyndsey D’Arcangelo, author of The Crabapple Tree

Can you tell us about your books?

I primarily write young adult LGBT fiction. I have three books published:
The Crabapple Tree (self-published), which is middle grade.
Here is a link to the description:
The Trouble with Emily Dickinson and its sequel, The Education of Queenie McBride were published by Publishing Syndicate. Both are YA fiction.
Here is a link to the descriptions:
What are you currently writing?
I am currently trying my hand at an adult book, but again it’s LGBT fiction. It’s about a basketball coach who returns to the small town she grew up in to turn around a losing team. In the midst of the season, she is forced to deal with rumors, bigotry and the demons of her past.
How long have you been a published author?
I was first published in 2008 by a small publisher. They went under a year later and I learned a hard lesson to be more patient with the publishing process in order to find a reputable agent or publisher instead of jumping in with a less experienced and reliable agent or publisher.
If you could give any piece of advice to unpublished writers what would it be?
First and foremost, write what you know. Second, be patient and open with the publishing process. Take every critique seriously and be flexible.
Who are your favorite authors?
My favorite author is Judy Blume, hands down.
What are some of your favorite books to read again and again?

The Harry Potter series, of course. Anything by Judy Blume, but my favorite YA book by her is Just As Long As We’re Together.


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